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Live Remote Intuitive Yoga Session

  • $225
  • 1 Hour
  • Yoga Flow
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Shamanic Land Journey

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Private Intuitive Yoga Session

  • 1 Hour - $255
  • 2 Hour - $350
  • Yoga Flow

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Group Yoga Classes

  • Call for pricing
  • Yoga Flow
  • 3 - 10 People

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Healing Sessions

If you feel called to a particular service or ceremony book a session today!
Healing sessions or ceremonies available remotely also

Sound Healing Alchemy Session

A deep, relaxing reset for the body, mind and spirit

  • $299 - (Single Person)

  • $399 - (Two People)

  • $88/Person @ 3 - 10 People

  • 60, 75 or 90 Minutes (prices vary)

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Shamanic Drum Journey Meditation & Yoga Nidra

  • $275 - (Single Person)
  • $375 - (Two People)
  • $88/Person @ 3 - 10 People
  • 2 hours

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Nature Therapy Immersion

Forest bathing aka Shinrin-Yoku is a nature therapy popularized in Japan, known for it's countless health benefits.  We humans have an inherent longing to connect with something greater than ourselves, and nature offers perhaps the most effortless and enjoyable path to that communion.  If you are looking for the perect opportunity to slow down, relax and reconnect with your divine nature, then forest bathing is a tranformational and renewing gift.  Soaking in the vibrations and symbiosis of all the planets and animals synchronizing together in harmony with all that is.  This series of practices incorporates somatic activities to develop greater mindfulness and presence while moving through a forest or wilderness area.  You'll feel more connected to Nature and your Spirit after this session.

Can add a customized tea ceremony of the high desert medicinal plants to integrate the sensual experience (link available at booking or request by phone)

  • $150 - 60 mins (Single Person)
  • $225 - 90 mins (Single Person)
  • $200 - 60 mins (Two People) 
  • $244 - 90 mins (Two People)
  • $88/Person @ 3 - 10 People

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Star Bathing/Gazing Session

YoLanda's night version of forest bathing. Sedona is a dark night sky community, so it’s a great opportunity to shake off the stress of city life by connecting to the cosmos. This session will help you appreciate the magical nights here with techniques and fun exercises that spark the imagination, connect to the cosmic, sacred powers of the vortexes and relax into the beauty of the stars and planets. You may even spot visitors from other planets.

Add a crystal vortex charging ceremony (inquire for price details)

  • $150 - 60 mins (Single Person)
  • $250 - 120 mins (Single Person)
  • $325 - 60 mins (Two People)
  • $375 - 120 mins (Two People)
  • $88/Person @ 3 - 10 People

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  • Private, Individual or Group
  • Clearing
  • Full/New Moon
  • Manifesting
  • Self Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Letting Go

Self Love Ceremony on the Vortex

A focused ceremony to celebrate the greatest love on  Earth, Self Love. You’ll tap into how you perceive yourself, balancing yin & yang  energies, activate confidence to illuminate your innermost joy, creativity and  magnetism. Re-connect to your spirit guides and your wisest Teacher (YOU). Crystal Dreams (new moon ceremony): Amplify your intentions, a ceremony to  clear anything that’s standing in your way of what you’re calling in. You’ll receive crystal clarity, attune to your highest joy, and step onto your action path of bring ing forth your dreams into the physical world in a powerful way.

This experience includes home-made organic vegan chocolate and a crystal to charge in the vortex

  • $350 for 1
  • $450 for 2
  • $550 for 3
  • $650 for 4
  • $750 for 5
  • $850 for 6
  • $950 for 7
  • add $88/person for 8-35 ppl (call for special group pricing)


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Illumination Full Moon Ceremony

Focused on releasing and connecting to the  Goddess, this ceremony will help you balance your yin & yang energies, clearing  away distractions, doubt, fear, old looping patterns and negative belief systems keeping you from realizing your fullest, human & spirit potential. Are you ready to  merge Heaven and Earth within you? Rebirth your life setting yourself up to step  onto a blank page, where everything is possible. You are the Author, the Captain of your Ship.

1 hour: $180
2 hours: $250
$75 each additional person


Crystal Dreams New Moon Ceremony

Amplify your intentions, a ceremony to clear anything that’s standing in your way of what you’re calling in.  You’ll receive crystal clarity, attune to your highest joy, and step onto your action path of bringing forth your dreams into the physical world in a powerful way.

1 hour: $180
2 hours: $250
$75 each additional person

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Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Perception is everything. We'll call in the Eagle Spirit to see your life from a wider & sharper view, working with Elementals, Ancestors, Masters and Animal Medicine.  If you're ready to create significant changes in your life, this is a great way to celebrate and initiate it to illuminate your heart's desires. Are you ready to explore what would happen if you tipped your world up-side down and viewed it from the inside out?  Tap into your primal, sacred nature with an intentional drum ceremony, using ancient medicine wheel wisdom spontaneous movement, to release limitations and create a sacred connection to your body, mind and spirit.

1 hour: $180
2 hours: $250
$75 each additional person

Walking in Harmony - Sacred Labyrinth Journey

The answer is inside – inside the labyrinth, and inside ourselves; for, this is where we find our wisdom.  A labyrinth is an ancient circular pattern found in many cultures around the world. Unlike a maze, there are no dead-ends or false trails in a labyrinth. Labyrinths have been found in almost every spiritual tradition in the past 4000-5000 years in such areas as Egypt, Greece, Italy, France, England, Sweden, Peru and North America.  In this 90 minute session, you'll be invited to ask the labyrinth a question or set an intention you have on your heart and then allow the answer to seep through the walls of the overactive mind that slowly melt away as one walks. 

  • $250 for 1
  • $350 for 2
  • $400 for 3
  • $475 for 4
  • $550 for 5
  • $625 for 6
  • $725 for 7
  • $55/person 8-14 people


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Sacred Circles

  • Women's Wisdom Circle
  • Gratitude Circle
  • Meditation Circle
  • Healing Circle
  • 1 hour $188 (1-2 people) $33 each additional 3-9 people
  • 2 hours $350 (1-2 people) $55 each additional 3-9 people

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Culinary Services

Diet, nutrition & activated food.

Rainbow Kitchen

YoLanda's activated food regiments to illuminate your light body, custom catering available for retreats and events.  Begin with a consultation on the phone or in person where she'll tune into your energetic bodies and listen for what may need nourishment and shifting within on a nutritional, water level or thought vibration.  Gift yourself with deep restoration of body, mind and spirit harmonizing as One heart beat.  

  • 1 hour consultation $250 - we'll determine what needs to be implimented, affirmations, declarations, exercises, breathwork, water intake and dietary shifts to restore the physical, mental, emotional, etheric bodies to your divine blueprint.


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Ayurvedic Consultations

Balance your diet in harmony with your Doshas.

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Intuitive Reading

Connect to your spirit guides, receive channeled guidance & support on your rainbow path. Great for seekers of clarity, harmony and alignment of heart and perspective.  See your life from a higher spiritual view-point so that you can find acceptance, healing and direction with challenges past, present and future. 

  • $88 for 30 minutes
  • $175 for 60 minutes
  • $222 for 90 minutes

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Astrology Chart Reading

Explore where the stars aligned at the time of your birth. Synergy charts also available upon request

  • 2 hours $200
  • 3 hours $250 (a more in depth look at the planetary aspects)

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Synastry Chart Reading

Expert analysis of your chart with the chart of a spouse, friend, or family member.

  • 4 hours $444 - synergy charts to compare planetary influences with another person
  • Add $111 for your natal charts overlayed together

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Modalities & Offerings

  • Hands of Light Sessions
  • Outdoor Group Yoga Classes
  • Ascension Counselor & Guide
  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing Sessions
  • Sound Healing & Color/Light Alchemy
  • Shamanic Drum Journey
  • Nature Harmonizing
  • Star Bathing
  • Crystal Harmony Session
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Sacred Shamanic Earth Magic Journeys


  • Sacred Self Love Ceremony
  • Vortex Immersive
  • Forest Bathing Medicine Journey
  • Star Gazing Medicine Journey
  • Red Rocks and Forest Adventure
  • Art Medicine Journey on the Red Rocks


  • Customized, groups or individual
  • Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico or California
  • Artist Healing Retreats, Recharge your Chakras, Visit Sacred Sites, Vortex Retreat, Nature Immersives
  • or for additional options & adventures