Yoga Teacher & Creative

What you get with YoLanda in all her endeavors, is a song which radiates the vibration of JOY, the energy of the Sunflower, a yellow star with her own light source. A mystic energy that comes through her essence, art, her words and her yoga are a communion with Mother Nature & Father Sky, and the magic of Creation - the dance of this divine opera of the Elemental realms that vibrate in a miraculous harmony of color, light and sound. The magic that weaves it all together is Imagination and the golden breath. Everything else is an expression, an ecstatic prayer of a love so great, that it split into infinite fragments to be joined again as ONE - again and again; forever and ever, the spiraling of the Infinite. Like the Ancient whirling dervishes and Sufi Poets, YoLanda approaches life from a deep seated Presence that can be felt without words. She also has a healthy cosmic sense of humor, and believes that laughter is the Supreme Medicine that keeps us grounded and balanced on Earth.

YoLanda Curtis is a mystic, yogini, artist, chef, writer and healer who has lived her life immersed in complete devotion to her heart’s guidance, balance of Body, Mind & Spirit, and her expansive creativity. She is a way-shower of finding the Divine in all life experiences. When we live in the frequency of Love, we bless all life around us.


Yolanda Curtis is an Inspirational Speaker, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, ceremonialist, mystic, alchemist, musician, Visionary Artist and Founder of Voyager 13, an ethical/sustainable Conscious Clothing Line supporting Nature Preservation & Animal Rights. It is her passion to create and hold sacred space to transform, inspire & guide others towards embodying their highest joy and empowered Being utilizing the practices of Intuitive Yoga, Yin Yoga, Self Inquiry, Sankalpa/Intention, Meditation, Kriya, Mantra and sacred movement.


Yolanda is a Shamanic Yoga Instructor, Yogini, Sound Alchemist, Ceremonialist, Visionary Artist, Fashion Designer, Multi-dimensional Divine Channel/Healer, and an Intuitive Ascension Guide for Healing & Illumination in Sedona who is passionate about helping people develop a fun and sustainable at home or in the studio yoga practice. She teaches that yoga isn’t just a work out: there is an infinite source of healing energy available to those who venture deeper within the body, inner sanctums of the heart space to tap into & all can learn to cultivate this radiant energy that creates a balanced life of total joy & freedom. Yolanda teaches yoga as part of a balanced daily practice of self love, conscious language, and visualizations. Her classes are suitable for beginners as well as advanced yogis ranging from Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Power, Kundalini, Yoga Nidra to Yin Yoga and Restorative. She focuses on breath work, visualizations, sound healing and frequencies to deepen into the experience & BEcome more present; practicing true empowerment & treating our bodies like the sacred temples they are. YoLanda will meet you where your body is at and help you expand beyond perceived limitations. YoLanda is a shamanic guide intuitively using breath, movement, light, color and sound to open up channels that may be blocked or constricted; especially the balance of elements and heart channels where all flows to and from.


Through my own healing journey, I’ve learned many holistic healing modalities, discovered natural super powers that I was unaware I was born with, and unique practices & consciousness expanding traditions of Telos, Energy Healing, Tibetan Masters, Shri Vidya, Mayans and drawn to Ancient Shamanic Ceremony & Rituals that I had memories of performing in other timelines/lifetimes, with a strong connection to plant medicine & animal totems. I discovered Yin Yoga when I moved to Sedona, Arizona after living in Los Angeles for 13 years, working in the fashion industry. I realized that I needed to slow way down; when I merged my practice outside, I also discovered the infinite healing powers of yoga directly on the Earth - and learned how to channel this energy as Light through the body for healing, empowerment, vitality and transformation. What started as my own personal Sadhana and quest to find relief from extreme pain, anxiety and stress bloomed into one of my greatest passions, a miraculous career and a new, conscious way of life! I’ve always turned to yoga since I discovered its transformational magic after taking my first hatha yoga class at 17 years old. I suffered from depression and extreme anxiety as an empath, and yoga was the only practice I found that could help me calm my nerves, my mind and open my awareness vastly to shift out of a heavy mood. My life changed rapidly and I quickly developed a deeper awareness and knowing of my body and how it connected to my mind, thoughts and Spirit—and how I did have the power to choose how I feel and create a life I love, instead of endless suffering and anxiety. I began to transform my curse of being ultra-sensitive into a superpower, and now my yoga is very unique, as I now utilize my intuitive abilities to create healing, empowering flows that powerfully target whatever is needed in the moment for individual students and groups. It becomes a balance and harmony of heart opening deep stretching, breathing, sacred movement, intentional sankalpa, releasing, calling in, mantra, singing and laughing - a liberation of the heart that creates an illumination from within that lightens the body and mind. I have the ability to tune into their energetic bodies guiding breath & movement in a sacred way that can also help shift the vibrations of the room into a heavenly space. My students have reported spontaneous healing, visions, visits from angels, ancestors and spirit guides, past life regressions, pineal gland openings, Kundalini awakenings in my sessions. My joy is to create a sacred container for you to discover the ancient secrets of Yoga, Meditation and Connecting with the Earth so that you can find a deeper connection with your own divine Essence. May you find the pure joy, your sacred fire, your divine flow and see the beauty in who you are in my offerings, I am honored to connect with you on your sacred journey of awakening and expansion to help you connect to your inner radiance.

Other skills & interests
  • Public Speaker
  • Comedian
  • Poet / Automatic Writer
  • Multi-dimensional media Artist / Fashion Designer / Graphic Designer / Textile Designer / Prints
  • New Earth Visionary
  • Empath / Intuitive / Psychic / Channel
  • Singer / Dancer / Aerialist / Slackline
  • Swimming, surfing, hiking, travel
  • Ancient Cultures and sacred texts
  • Acro-Yoga
  • Creative Food Alchemy