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I Am a Conscious Creator

Walking the artist's path led me to disover my mystical super powers.  I quickly found myself on the red road, discovering my medicine woman abilities flowing through me so naturally.  I have always had a strong connection to the Spirit world, the Earth, the Moon, Cosmos, Nature, Animals, Plants, Crystals and lucid dreams.  I am a visionary of fashion and living in higher conscious dimensions and awareness.  I have immersed myself in devotion to my heart’s guidance, balance of Body, Mind & Spirit; and exploring my other-worldly creativity. I am a way-shower of finding the Divine in all life experiences, because I experience and embody my Divine.  I love reflecting to others their own inner radiance and divine power.  When we live in the frequency of Love, we bless all life around us.  I am a Shamanic Yoga Instructor, Yogini, Sound Alchemist, Ceremonialist, Visionary Artist, Fashion Designer, Multi-dimensional Divine Channel/Healer, and an Intuitive Ascension Guide for Healing & Illumination in Sedona who is passionate about helping people develop a fun and sustainable at home or in the studio yoga or spiritual devotional practice.  I teach that yoga isn’t just a work out: there is an infinite source of healing energy available to those who venture deeper within their body temple, activating the light body, exploring the inner sanctums of the heart space to tap into.  All can learn to cultivate this radiant energy that creates a balanced life of total joy & freedom. I teach yoga as part of a balanced daily practice of self love, conscious language, and visualizations.  I also incorporate Shamanic breathing, honoring the Elements/Elementals, energy systems and subtle bodies, the Earth Energies to tap into higher frequencies for self realization.  With sunflower, self sustaining yellow star light, I am a golden rainbow being. 

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Yoga & Healing Packages

Peace of Mind

Internal power and stability. A deeper trust in the Universe anchors from within.


Energy flows where attention goes. Learn how to direct your energy through movement.


Daily meditation practice enhances everything as well as creating sacred space within.


Daily yoga practice increases your elasticity in your muscles, joints and connective tissues.

Conscious Earthling Immersions & Retreats

Golden Muse


A 3 day retreat for the Artist’s soul for inner child nurturing and igniting your creative spirit. Designed to help shake off any limitations or energy blockages  in the body & mind so you can align and attune to Spirit.

More Retreats

Supernatural Serenity in Sedona


Explore the mysteries from healing modalities to sacred hot spots. Receive answers from your higher guidance by connecting to one of the most  powerful sources of Creation - NATURE! Harmonize body, mind and spirit to Sedona.

More Retreats

Rainbow Dragon Big Sur


Whether  you’re a writer, poet, artist, yogi, yogini or all of the above, you’ll renew your body and  mind and nourish your creative soul by immersing yourself in the profound magic of the  forest by the sea. Book now!

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Unlock Your Highest Self

Earth Star Yoga Sacred Fire Portal

Health & Wellness Video Library

Subscribe to the most relaxing Yoga Video platform on the internet designed specifically to help you connect with your highest self. It is YoLanda's passion to create and hold sacred space to transform, inspire & guide others to wards embodying their highest joy and empowered Being utilizing the practices of Intuitive Yoga, Yin Yoga, Self Inquiry, Sankalpa/Intention, Meditation, Kriya, Mantra and sa cred movement.

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Find Peace Within

Yoga Packages

Sacred Rocks Shamanic Yoga Hike

Designed to tap into your inner shaman and body's wisdom by connecting to our Mother the sacred Earth.

Rainbow Sound Journey & Meditation

A deeply restorative healing. Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, flute, Balinese bells, and other sound tuning instruments.

Earth Magic Makeover & Retreat

Inspired by Nature with the intention of detoxing from fast paced living and over whelm. Honor Pachamama.

Yog'Art Music & Art Gathering

Learn Yolanda’s balancing of the earthen/celestial Zen approach to aligning with divine creativity.

From My Blog

Candlelight Yin Yoga


Yin yoga is known as the quiet practice, attending to the forgotten inner realms. The focus of this class is to promote personal growth, a clearing of energy blocks, and enhancing circulation and flexibility.

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Underwater Starlight Blog


Whenever I feel like my life has turned up-side-down, or the world couldn’t get anymore insane, I turn to the comforts of Nature emitting the frequencies of harmony.

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