The world couldn’t get anymore insane

2020 AD, EARTH, the world as WE knew it changed violently & drastically, as if the entire world had descended into chaos. Whenever I feel like my life has turned up-side-down, or the world couldn’t get anymore insane, I turn to the comforts of Nature emitting the frequencies of harmony. I notice how everything seems to connect somehow and work out as a divine symphony. Patterns are found everywhere in Nature. There is profound organization even in the midst of chaos; just as chaos and destruction are part of nature’s cyclical pattern vital to bringing in new life on this planet since the Beginning before humans or other beings began intervening with Nature. For those who can see the language of numbers, this isn’t a far-fetched concept. As long as I can remember, I’ve always been drawn to particular patterns, colors, shapes and symbols without really comprehending why. Upon inspection and piecing together these seemingly disconnected fragments of symbols, numbers, patterns, shapes or colors - there is a story that emerges, or a message that I’ve found to be profoundly meaningful to who I am, as a Soul. I’ve even heard that when in space, astronauts can direct their awareness in a particular direction and pick up on a unique sound/tone/frequency based on where their attention is directed. “Intuitive attunement" develops as one becomes familiar to a sound or frequency that a particular celestial body emits, much like a bird song or nature sound on Earth: one can sense what kind of bird it is once we are familiar with the sound.

I apply this phenomenon as guidance through my daily life, as I have learned that it is  reliable and inevitable. Energy does not lie. As an Empath, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant,  Clairaudient and Claircognizant - I realized early on that we have senses beyond the we’ve been conditioned to rely on; and we have even been taught to believe that  psychic abilities are enjoyed by only a few gifted ones. This is NOT true at all. It is true  that some humans have turned their abilities off completely because they have learned  to rely only on their mental capacities (which only leads to endless looping and doubt).  It is much like muscles that aren’t used regularly. They start to atrophy or become  weaker than other muscles that are used daily. There are many ways to strengthen the  psychic senses we all have access to, and everyone is unique as to how they best learn  a new concept. This is where the fun begins on a multi-sensory awareness journey of expansion and activation.

If you’re reading this, then you are on this journey, and I celebrate you for breaking free  of the numbness and monotonous matrix of survivalism and living out of alignment with  your own true, divine Nature. Your awakening is a great service to your family, friends  and ancestors who walked before you. You are healing lineages and even many walking planet Earth NOW as you awaken to your multi-dimensional self that is  intricately connected to this Paradise planet, the Cosmos… Creator and Creation.  

Look at sunflowers, holding the Fibonacci spiral, the golden ratio, Phi spiral that is also  found in our DNA strands! Divine design is everywhere. Much like focusing on a  certain car make and model—and then seeing it everywhere, when you are looking for  these patterns, they appear with your Awareness and Intention.

Yesterday, I met a soulful woman introduced to me through another soulful friend. When  I first met her, I felt unusually at ease around her (considering it was my first time  meeting her). She held a vibration that felt familiar to me. This doesn’t happen often,  so when I investigated the energy I was feeling, I was matched by an activated being  who had developed very similar psychic gifts that I have also mastered - only her gifts  are unique to her own Soul. She brought to me a refreshing exchange that felt like a  very balanced give and receive movement of energy between us. It was also accompanied by little winks and nods from the external world around us, which I have  come to notice as “confirmations.” We sat down for lunch together by a gorgeous fairy  garden; and I had sat there probably 5 times before on other occasions and never  noticed that there was an Ankh wedged into the wood above us - perfectly framing our  conversation about Ancient Egypt, Lemuria, Atlantis, the Magdalens, Essenes, and  other spiritual topics that naturally arose in the spontaneous conversation. It was as if a  fairy mischievously placed this beautiful Anhk above our heads to remind us that the  Universe is indeed orchestrated, ORGANIZED and full of patterns, geometries, symbols, colors and shapes that directly relate. There are no accidents. When you  realize how powerful YOU are, there are no coincidences - there is no chaos.

I invite you to slow down and sit in the garden. Sit somewhere in Nature just to  observe. It may seem disconnected to your thoughts or presence… wait though. If you  wait long enough, you may even feel a tree, rock or bug gently communing with you.  Everything is connected. Everything is organized. Look for the patterns, colors, shapes,  sensations and frequencies. We each have our own unique connection to the Universe,  and it’s always communicating. Just like our physical bodies are always  communicating, receiving stimulus, and functioning - so to is all life around us.  Synchronicity is a term referenced by Edgar Cayce and Carl Jung in many of their  books. I highly recommend learning about this phenomenon, or perhaps you are already experiencing these patterns. Seeing numbers repeating, magical objects  appearing, dreams coming to pass in waking life, are all the subterranean Awareness  beckoning for you to notice this infinite world waiting for you to tap into. All you need do  is simply notice, follow the signs, connect the dots and keep it simple. The mind likes to  complicate everything, most problems are created at the mind level. Transcend your  mind, FEEL with you heart, and watch reality shift from mundane to magical!

Did you know that what you eat and exercise/meditation habits can also affect your  psychic abilities? If you notice how you feel after eating junk food versus something  that is nourishing, then you can see how it is all connected. For example, when the Shaman of the tribe went on a Walk-About for days, he/she would fast and go without  water and have psychic visions. I’m not suggesting that it requires extreme practice like  this to tap into visions and the magical realms, I am merely inviting you to explore  beyond the physical senses in any way that inspires you. For some, it is a silent retreat (Vipassana), for others it is plant medicines, meditation, yoga, nature time, back packing, hiking, dancing, —-and for some, simply Being open is enough.

Water is another magical phenomenon that is fascinating to observe and learn about  when noticing patterns. Water changes depending upon who is holding the water! Dr.  Emoto has unlocked the mysteries and power of our intention and awareness by  extending our understanding that even WATER hold consciousness and intention. The  power of our words, thoughts and prayers change matter! Water changes depending on  what your thoughts are. If you hold loving intentions, the patterns become symmetrical  and like a beautiful snowflake. When you have negative thoughts, the water becomes  chaotic and the patterns are disrupted; so Dr. Emoto proved that Love and other  emotions and energies on that wave length hold highly organized patterns that are  unique to each frequency. Just like a cricket or specific bird call. How incredible is it,  that we all have our own energy frequency that is distinguishable? It makes sense, just  as birds in the same species have the same sounds they make in order to recognize  one another. As humans, we emit energy that can help us to find our tribe with similar  energy patterns. This is why some people that we meet, there isn’t always a connection  or familiar frequency pattern. Trust that! Go with the flow of energy to find energies in  alignment with your frequency. If your frequency is attracting toxic people or situations,  you know what you need to work on to lift your frequencies. It’s the same concept as  cheering up. Find a happy song, go on a walk in nature, or read a book you love, or  dance! There are many ways unique to each of us, that can help us feel happy or good.

I hope these words have served you in some way, to help you connect with your divine  birthright - shift your perspective on the road to living your highest connected, joyful BEING! Your life is as interwoven into the sacred geometrical structures of LIFE as  birds, bees, trees and the infinite sky above! I bow to you sacred BEing of beautiful  colors, shapes and energy patterns blessing this sacred Earth with your energy  signature of organized Light.

When I gaze at Creation, and my own sacred Life, I find myself on my knees in  gratitude, completely GIVEN to the beauty that Earth exudes back to me each day. My  cup is always filled somehow when it is emptied. My prayers answered, wounds  forgotten or healed, and joyous play that keeps me laughing and light-hearted. My  heart keeps beating through the most painful of experiences, and my life is always  blessed by a symphony of magical beings, animals, plants and dance of LIFE that  heralds meaning echoing every step I take on my Earth walk. Awareness and intention  is the key to unlock this marvelous sacred conversation with the Multi-verses and  unleash your hidden magic within. Surely God & Goddess of Creation has a higher  sense of humor. Next time you’re outside on a walk, slow down and notice what  appears. You may find yourself slightly or extremely amused by what you notice, feel,  see, taste, smell, hear, touch, envision or intuit.