Restorative Earth Healing Retreats

Experience the healing energies of Sedona's crystal vortexes with a customized retreat for you and your family or friends.



A monthly 1 day or evening holistic healing event, full of well rounded immersive mini-playshops for locals & visitors to unite & expand our light frequency balance energy centers & meridians, learn about herbs & nutrition, living in harmony with the planet plants & animals, focus on self realization and learning interactively about the love, wisdom and power of our hearts, the healing power of commUNITY, meditation, and elements that make up a conscious life, Conscious Living Empowerment (gardening/permaculture, foraging, tea/fire/water ceremony, yoga, forest bathing, star gazing, fire circles, chakra balancing, sound healing, singing, dancing, with embodied ascension guides, teachers, facilitators, chefs, alchemists, and artists in Sedona). check events calender.




Learn Yolanda’s balancing of the earthen/celestial Zen approach to aligning with divine creativity and the elements, centering through our body and clearing the heart to express & channel the Divine, accessing higher intelligence

  • Yoga Flow to connect to the Elements and your divine essence
  • Healing Art Sessions for inner child connection
  • Outdoors

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Supernatural Sedona

A 2-day Illuminating Adventure of exploring nature  as a reflection of your soul’s magnificence. A healing journey of color, light,  movement and sound. You’ll discover new ways to rest and renew for a com plete reset. You’ll leave Sedona feeling reborn and ready to apply new tools of  empowerment and freedOM from old limitations and unhealthy patterns.

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Sedona Mythical Creatures, Land of the Gods

Learn how Sedona  was formed over billions of years, and has always been considered ancient holy  lands to the ancestors. You’ll connect with the native tribes and galactic ances tors of Sedona before it was “Sedona” reaching back through timelines to Atlantis  and Lemuria, with a fascinating drive tour with Shaman Thunderbeat - who dis covered the true names of the rock formations before they were named by cow boys and colonizers. Explore the diverse landscape of Oak Creek Canyon, Ju niper Forests, Mermaid Waterfall Lagoons, and open desert prairies and meditate  in caves. Experience sound healing and tune up your chakras. We’ll also take a  day trip to the Grand Canyon, where you’ll explore more of Arizona’s rich ances tral history, etheric beauty and powerful energies.

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Golden Muse

A 3 day retreat for the Artist’s soul for inner child nurturing and ignit ing your creative spirit. Designed to help shake off any limitations or energy blockages  in the body & mind so you can align and attune to Spirit. You’ll receive an in-person tea time consultation ceremony (or prior to your trip) where you can customize your healing treatments and activities and discuss your goals. On the first day, you’ll be introduced  to The Spirit of Sedona with a sacred art ceremony where you’ll set a Sankalpa for your  journey and attune to the powerful energies of the vortexes. You’ll discover which vor tex is calling you, and this is where we’ll adventure on the 3rd day. For the rest of the  first day, we’ll hike to the creek and experience the art of forest bathing and partake in a  water ceremony to release everything you’re ready to let go of and connect to the water  elemental muses & joy guides. On day two, you’ll visit a few of the most powerful sa cred sites and magical sources of inspiration in Sedona that will spark deep spiritual  guidance, awe & reverence of nature, ancestral wisdom and inspiration. We’ll end the  day with a star gazing medicine session to enjoy the beauty of Sedona being one of the  last dark sky cities. The third day, you’ll enjoy integration time where you’ll get to  choose how you’d like to relax and recharge your body, mind and spirit. We’ll meet in  the morning for a special Sunrise Symphony Yoga flow where we’ll end in total surren der with a channeled healing meditation letting go of doing - and just BEING. You can choose between sound healing, a crystal healing massage, or hands of light reiki ses sion. You can also add any on additional treatments upon request.

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Crystalline Sedona Rainbow Boost

If you’re feeling dim, tired, and just  need a super soul brightening recharge, this is a well balanced one day retreat for those  who are looking for a powerful reset and may not have a lot of time here. We’ll meet in  the morning for a ceremonial Sunrise Symphony Yoga session where you can set your  intentions, release what no longer serves, and open up your heart to receive the power ful, healing energies & messages Sedona has for you. You’ll have a few options that  you can then select as the day unfolds where we’ll embark on a healing adventure that  will best elevate and rejuvenate your mind, body, spirit. You’ll walk away feeling ready to  face a busy schedule with renewed balance, fresh perspective and new tools immedi ately applicable for wellness and joy. An uplifting, healing experience for your inner  child sure to brighten the heaviest heart.

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Journey to your Inner Sanctuary (Mt. Shasta)

Experience the life giving waterfalls, and the sacred mountain where St. Germain, Lord Adama dwell  with inner earth beings of the 5th dimension (many of you already astral travel there  during dreamtime to the brotherhood retreats). You will explore the ultimate practice in  self-nurturing and self-care: withdrawal of the senses. Through mindful yoga asana  (physical practice), pranayama (breathwork), yoga nidra (deep relaxation), and medita tion, you will leave feeling nourished and energized.

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Rewilding Shakti Artist Yoga Retreat in Bali/Kauai

Uncovering your Soul’s Essence to Find  Your Highest Joy & Soul Purpose.

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Rainbow Dragon Artist Yoga Retreat in Big Sur ~August

Whether  you’re a writer, poet, artist, yogi, yogini or all of the above, you’ll renew your body and  mind and nourish your creative soul by immersing yourself in the profound magic of the  forest by the sea. This special land has inspired novels, paintings and masterpieces.  You’ll quickly discover why, and use the nurturing energy from the Mama ocean and the  deep earthy forest to reconnect with your heart, the joyful elemental spirit guides and  infinite creative streams. You’ll learn how to tap into your divine flow state and quiet the  monkey mind so you can create freely.

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