Join me for Candlelight Yin Yoga

Every Sunday at Village Yoga in Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona (online recording available)

Class Bundles and Local Drop-in Prices are available. 
$20 regular drop in.
$15 for locals to drop in
$111 for 8 classes

Yin yoga is known as the quiet practice, attending to the forgotten inner realms. The focus of this class is to promote personal growth, a clearing of energy blocks, and enhancing circulation and flexibility. Yin yoga focuses on the connective tissues as well as the meridians that end in the lower body. Poses are mostly performed from a seated or reclined position and are held for extended periods of time. Yin Yoga fosters a state of relaxation in the body that facilitates the development of flexibility, lubrication and rehabilitation of the connective tissue that forms the joints. Yolanda is passionate about bringing the sacred breath and awareness through the physical body to unify body, mind, and spirit. With intentional breath and color visualizations, you'll ignite your inner radiance and parasympathetic nervous system for deep rest and healing.

((this class will be recorded for those who would like to attend from home (online Sacred Fire Portal members): Students will not be recorded unless they consent, just the teacher))